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Vision Statement


‘Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination. 

Albert Einstein 


Computing is an integral part of our daily lives and will play an immeasurable part in our future. Our vision for computing, is to provide a high-quality curriculum that provides our children with the knowledge and skills that they will require to confidently live and thrive in a world that is increasingly dependent on technology. At Tanners Wood, our computing curriculum has been carefully planned and adapted so that it meets the needs of our children; enabling them to prepare for the challenges of a rapidly developing and changing technological world.  


Our computing curriculum is embedded in all subjects so that the purpose of computing is provided with context and meaning. At Tanners Wood, it is our aim that the computing curriculum allows and supports all our children to analyse concepts that provides them with an insight in all areas of life and learning.   


At Tanners Wood, all children throughout the school have equal access to computing technology. Our curriculum has been designed to enable children to build upon and develop their knowledge and skills within units and through the years. We want all our children to make progress and be equipped to apply computational thinking to understand and change the world. 

Computing Years 1 - 6 - Knowledge & Skills