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Design & Technology (D&T)

Vision Statement

D&T is an inspiring and practical subject where children can find innovative solutions to real-life problems. Through the exploration of existing products, children develop a curiosity for the world around them and an understanding of how things work. Children discover the process undertaken by individuals such as: designers, engineers, and architects, to create a successful product fit for purpose. They use their creativity and imagination to design, make and evaluate their own products, considering the needs and wants of themselves and others.  

At Tanners Wood School, we aim to provide children with opportunities to develop essential skills needed in secondary school and later life. Whether they are: cooking, sewing, constructing or using computer-aided design, children will be drawing on learning from other subjects such as: maths, science, computing and art to enhance their skills and knowledge. Lessons will be active and hands-on, allowing children to learn how to use tools and materials effectively and safely.  We encourage children to take risks and be resourceful, testing out their ideas and learning from their mistakes.  

Children will leave our school with the practical and technical knowledge to carry out everyday tasks and participate in an increasingly technological world.


D & T Years 1 - 6 - Knowledge & Skills