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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Vision Statement

At Tanners Wood, we believe in immersing and inspiring children in a safe, well resourced, stimulating and language rich environment, which meets their needs and interests. We prioritise positive, high-quality interactions with each child to foster positive relationships; as well as enabling the development and deepening of their learning. This then enables us to act as role models, co-players and a voice for all children when needed. We acknowledge the positive impact and importance of purposeful play and believe that this enables children to learn about themselves and the world around them. We aim to ensure that children develop an ability to communicate and manage their own wants, needs, ideas and thoughts. 

Our children have opportunities to guide and drive their own learning, with adult support, through weekly quality texts. This allows them to develop enthusiasm and ownership over their learning, as well as ensuring that necessary age-appropriate skills are covered. Through effective modelling from all adults, children can consolidate their learning during play, as well as exploring their own individual interests. Effective parental partnerships also enable us to meet each child’s individual needs and develop an understanding of each child on a holistic level.  

By the end of each child’s time in EYFS, our aim is for each child to have laid the foundations to becoming a happy, unique, confident, sociable and well-rounded individual throughout all aspects of their day-to-day life. We want our children to demonstrate a positive mind set, as well independence, resilience and perseverance when faced with the challenges of life. We endeavour for them to be respectful, kind, curious, caring and motivated. Most importantly, we want children to finish EYFS with a love for learning, a desire to do their best, on an intrinsic level, and a belief that they can do and achieve anything to become valuable members of our future society.  


EYFS Core Skills

Reception Long Term Plan