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Vision Statement

At Tanners Wood, English lies at the heart of all learning across our curriculum. We understand the importance of children being equipped with the life-long skills of speaking, reading and writing to enable them to confidently learn in all subjects. We achieve this, by engaging and teaching all pupils, through a high quality, ambitious and diverse English curriculum with an aim to develop a love of literature through regular opportunities to read and write for pleasure.  

Children will become confident, independent and motivated readers through exposure to a wide range of quality texts, authors and genres. All children are encouraged, to embrace a love for reading, by providing the opportunity for children to have access to a range of rich and diverse texts, which will expose them to ambitious vocabulary and inspire their own writing. In the early stages of reading, children’s phonics knowledge is systematically developed in a fun multi-sensory approach.  

We aim, for all our children to be able to write independently and develop their own individual writing style where they can confidently write for a range of purposes with fluency, accuracy and enjoyment. We believe that children should have plenty of opportunities from an early age to write for enjoyment allowing them to experience success and develop a love for writing and leave Tanners Wood as confident, accomplished writers. 

Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

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