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Vision Statement

We live in an ever-changing and developing world. At Tanners Wood, we will equip our children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to make sense of their world and be aware of the challenges ahead. This will involve an understanding of local, national and global issues. 

Through geography lessons, the pupils at Tanners Wood will develop curiosity about the world around them. We will encourage pupils to build a desire to travel the world and explore different places. They will celebrate the wide variety of different cultures throughout the world and within our community. Through trips, excursions and fieldwork, we will give children enriching experiences which will develop their cultural capital. 

The geography curriculum will be active, engaging and memorable. Pupils will look forward to these lessons and remember what they have learned at Tanners Wood in years to come. Geography learning will be linked to many other subjects through cross-curricular topics and activities. Pupils will use geographical skills and knowledge throughout their everyday school life. 

Starting with the foundations set in Early Years, children will develop their geographical skills and comprehension of locational and place knowledge as well as an understanding of human and physical geographical concepts.  

Children will develop an ecological awareness and understanding of the issues that are facing our planet today. They will build an understanding of how our planet is changing and the impact this has had on its inhabitants, including humans. Children will have the tools to take on an active role in engaging in the global community and protecting the world that they will shape in the future. 


Geography Years 1 - 6 - Knowledge & Skills