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Vision Statement

At Tanners Wood, we are committed to providing an inspiring, challenging and enriched curriculum for all our pupils.  This includes provisions and challenge for our pupils who have been identified as more able or have the potential to be more able.  

Throughout each child’s time at Tanners Wood, we want to create an ethos where high attainment is celebrated, and pupils feel good about achieving excellence. We want more able pupils to be recognised, supported and stretched for them to reach their full potential.   

All staff are here to nurture and foster a growth mindset; an environment where making mistakes and persevering is seen as good for learning and to minimise any anxiety when we make mistakes. We prioritise mental health and wellbeing of all pupils, recognising the pressures and expectations that some more able pupils may put on themselves. We aim to encourage all pupils to become independent learners and involve pupils in decision making through pupil voice and school council activities.   

Achievements are to be celebrated in all areas of learning and we encourage pupils and parents to share their interests outside school, as well as those at school.  We want to work with parents/carers to support and encourage children’s learning and providing as many opportunities as possible to extend and challenge their learning.   

By the end of their time at Tanners Wood, we want pupils to feel empowered and prepared for the next stage of their learning, valued for who they are and inspired to continue challenging themselves to be the best that they can be.