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Vision Statement

At Tanners Wood, we believe in giving children the opportunity to engage in a range of musical activities in order to provide a broad and well-rounded education.  

We acknowledge the positive impact which music can have on mental health, well-being and health in general. We also understand that music can support the nurturing of a range of skills, including, language, motor, collaboration and emotional intelligence. Through opportunities to explore, play, sing, create and perform, we know that children will develop confidence, communication, thinking and creative skills and improve their emotional well-being. We also know that playing and listening to music enables children to develop their self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, creativity, and self-motivation necessary for success. 

We want children to understand that music is an effective and powerful tool for self-expression, communication and as a way to support mental health and well-being. We aim to ensure that each child’s uniqueness, passion and interests within music are encouraged, supported, further developed and celebrated in school – this then enables children to experience a sense of achievement and pride in their own accomplishments. As a school, we provide opportunities for children to take part in additional musical activities with external providers to explore instruments, which are not available within the school’s music curriculum.  

By the time children complete their educational journey at Tanners Wood, we endeavour to ensure that children are empowered and driven to continue to develop their use of music to live a full life. We aspire for all children to develop a life-long love for music, whether that be for pleasure or as a path for their future career.


Music Years 1 - 6 Knowledge and Skills