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Elm Blog - Year 1


Tuesday 12th July 2022

Berkhamsted Castle Trip

We really enjoyed our trip to the castle today! We saw lots of castle defences that we had learned about, such as the moat, arrow slits, kitchens, archways and towers. We talked about how this was a Motte and Bailey castle, one of the first types of castles to ever be built. We thought about what it would have looked like when it was first built. Now the castle ruins are 950 years old!


We then came back to school to do some more research about life inside castles. We found information about the rooms, entertainment, food, clothes and jobs inside castles. We worked in groups and then presented our findings to the rest of the class.


Friday 17th June 2022

Class Assembly

Thank you to all who attended our class assembly. The children have been practising for a long time and it definitely paid off! They were very proud of themselves and put on a fantastic performance. Well done Elm Class!


Thursday 5th May 2022

Beach Day

As part of our geography seasides topic, we had a Beach Day. We couldn’t go to the beach, so we brought the beach to us! We built sandcastles, fished in rock pools and had a picnic. We talked about what we would see if we really went to the seaside and the kinds of things we would do. We learned that seasides are at the edge of a country, next to the ocean.


Friday 1st April 2022

Book Club

Every Friday morning the children can bring in their own books from home or borrow some from the book corner for our weekly Book Club. The children can sit and chat while they read and we hope this will encourage a love for reading. Today we received brand new cushions for our Book Club. We are very happy with them!





Wednesday 30th March 2022

Bunny Hop

Thank you parents and carers for all of your donations to our Bunny Hop. We made our own bunny ears and hopped around the daily mile track today!






Friday 25th March 2022

Fruit Animals

Our DT topic this term has been cooking. We decided to link this with our science topic of animals. We have learned about healthy eating and why we should eat lots of fruit and vegetables. The children designed their own animal-shaped snack to make out of fruit and veg. Today we made our designs! They turned out really well and were very yummy!






Thursday 24th March 2022

Whipsnade Zoo

The children loved their science trip to Whipsnade Zoo! They had a fantastic time seeing all of the animals and filling in their chart to see how many mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds we saw. We are going to use this information to create a bar chart of our findings when we are back at school.

We got on the coach and had an African Animals Tour Workshop when we first arrived. The zookeeper taught us about meerkat mobs (the name for a group of meerkats); why lions hunt in prides and why zebras have stripes. We then saw lots of other animals including penguins and a baby rhino! We had a picnic outside for lunch and ended the day seeing some elephants!





Tuesday 22nd March

Game On!

Today sports coaches came in to teach us ball skills and play games. We had lots of fun!




Friday 18th March 2022

Red Nose Day

Today we raised money for Red Nose Day by coming into school in non-uniform and making donations. We wore yellow and blue to support Ukraine.





Friday 11th March 2022

DT Engineering Day

Today we learned that engineers are people who design and build their own inventions. We became engineers today and designed an idea for how we could improve our outdoor area. We came up with lots of fantastic ideas, such as a calming corner, vegetable patch, flower bed and even a trampoline park!

In the afternoon we practised our problem solving and teamwork skills. We had to work together to design our own parachute, only being given a few materials to use. We then had a competition to build the tallest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows!




Thursday 3rd March 2022

World Book Day

Well done to all of the children for their fantastic costumes! We had lots of fun planning and writing our own stories. We showed our costumes to the other classes and also made finger puppets!





Tuesday 8th February 2022

Jungle Paintings

Our topic in Art this term has been Henry Rousseau and his jungle paintings. We used his artwork as inspiration for our own.

Thursday 9th December 2021

Christmas Concert

Well done to all of the children in Elm Class for their fantastic singing in our Christmas Carol Concert today! We worked very hard to remember the words and actions and it definitely paid off! Thank you to all grown ups who came along, we hope you enjoyed the show!






Friday 5th November 2021


We created our own firework pictures using chalk, pastels and black sugar paper!







Thursday 14th October 2021

PSHE - Emotions and Feelings

In PSHE we are learning about different emotions and feelings. We talked about how it is okay to feel sad, angry and frustrated. Everybody feels like this sometimes. We talked about different things that make us happy and how we can cheer ourselves up.




Monday 11th October 2021

Bog Babies

In English we have been reading the story ‘The Bog Baby’. We made our own bog babies from plasticine. We have been writing brilliant sentences about them and thinking about how we can look after them.








Friday 8th October 2021

Wellbeing Day

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, we had a wellbeing afternoon. We discussed who we can talk to and what we can do if we ever feel sad or worried. We also talked about activities we can do to cheer ourselves up and how we can help others too. We made ‘happiness bunting’ which we decorated with lots of happy things to brighten up our classroom. We also designed our own superheroes who each had a power to cheer people up. For example, a power to give great hugs or bake cupcakes. We had lots of fun!