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Juniper Blog - Year 3


Monday 11th March 2024

In Geography, we have been learning how to use an atlas. We worked in teams to find the European countries on the map.




Friday 8th March 2024

World Book Day

Friday 16th February 2024

We created our own Egyptian scrolls in Art which related to our History topic of the Ancient Egyptians. We made our own papyrus paper using strips of coffee-stained paper and PVA glue. We then designed our own hieroglyphics and symbols before using oil pastels to create these on our scrolls.




Tuesday 13th February 2024

PSHE Garden Project

For the past 3 weeks in PSHE sessions, we have taken part in a group garden project. We needed to use our social skills of sharing; communicating; listening; compromising; and taking on a role. We designed our ‘Dream Garden’ with one person taking on the role of landscaper, one as budgeter and the other as event planner. We then presented our ideas to the rest of the class and we all did a great job.


Tuesday 30th January 2024

Egyptian Day!

We immersed ourselves in the lives of Ancient Egyptians through a range of workshops. We learned about mummification, the social hierarchy and different jobs. We also watched an interactive performance about the Ancient Pharoahs and Gods. We had lots of fun and we hope you like our costumes!



Friday 10th December 2023

Juniper class had lots of fun at the FOTW Christmas Fayre!


Friday 10th November 2023

In DT, we are creating our own marble runs. In pairs we practised how to make hills and loops.




Tuesday 7th November 2023

To learn about the four layers of the rainforest, we created our own! Each team had a different later and at the end we put them altogether.


 Friday 13th October 2023

We created cave paintings using similar colours that would have been used in the Stone Age.




Monday 9th October 2023

We were visited by an Olympic gymnast who showed us how he warms up. We had ago ourselves!


 Tuesday 3rd October 2023

To bring our History learning to life, we visited the Celtic Harmony Stone Age village.


Tuesday 12th September 2023

In History we have been learning about chronology. To help us understand this, we created an enormous timeline of historical events!




Thursday 25th May 2023

It has been a busy couple of weeks. In Science, our plant experiment is progressing. The children were fascinated by the fact that the seeds germinated both in the sand and the paper. We will now be putting some of them in the cupboard to see the effect of taking away light. Also, we will be adding nutrients to some of our plants planted in soil. 

We have also been exploring water transportation and watched how the dyed water was taken up by the leaves. The children were amazed that they turned blue. 

They have been writing some excellent stories around the book called “The Tunnel” and exploring life in Roman times. This included creating a research page on Roman Verulamium.  

In Art, I have been amazed with their close-up sketch drawings of a flower. 

Thursday 27th April 2023

Keeping healthy has been a key focus this week. Not only did the class have an extra P.E. session on Handball with ‘Game On’ but they also had a visit from the Sports Partnership Team about being healthy. They certainly achieved their 60 minutes a day activity challenge. 

In English we have been exploring the book ‘Ocean Meets Sky’ focusing on recounts and learning about the Roman Army. We also set up our plant experiment to investigate the impact of nutrients and light on plants. We shall see how our courgettes grow in the different conditions in the coming weeks.


Thursday 20th April 2023

It has been a very busy first week back. The children have begun to explore the concept of division and had great fun playing the remainder game. We have been exploring the text 'Ocean Meets Sky' and investigating the main features of a plant. There was also plenty of discussion work going on when we discussed roles and responsibilities in the home as part of our PSHE work.

Friday 4th November 2022

This week, the children have been exploring instructional writing. We have used 'George’s Marvellous Medicine' as our text and the children have created their own ideas for a medicine for Grandma.

We have started our new topics in Geography and Science. The children are also very excited about our Design and Technology project; this involves designing and building a marble run.


Tuesday 4th October 2022

Our Trip to Celtic Harmony

The children had an amazing day experiencing life in the Stone Age. The children learnt about different tools; witnessed how fire was created; became hunter gatherers and experienced how they cooked and built shelters. We finished the day with a story connected with the Stone Age.

Juniper - Celtic Harmony



Friday 23rd September 2022

Our study of Georges Seurat and Paul Signac has begun. The children have really enjoyed learning about Pointillism.

Friday 1st July - Sports Day

What a wonderful day we have had! Today, the rain stayed away and the children enjoyed Sports Day, where friends and family members were able to come and watch. The children competed in a range of different activities, including speed stack, obstacle course, football shoot out, speed bounce and javelin throw. The event was finished off with some sprint, long distance and running races. The children showed excellent sportsmanship throughout. Well done to everyone and a special well done to Fine House who won the day.


Thursday 16th June - Athletics Tournament

Yesterday afternoon, Juniper and Larch classes took part in a Year 3 athletics tournament at Parmiters School. The children completed a number of different track and field events, including 50m sprint, 100m sprint, 400m run, hurdles, obstacle course, long jump, vortex throw and speed stacking. The children applied themselves wonderfully to each and every event, despite the heat! At the end, their hard work was rewarded with Juniper boys taking 1st place and Larch girls taking 3rd! Well done everyone!


Tuesday 14th June - Excellent Eruption!

This afternoon, in geography, Y3 learned about how volcanoes are formed and what causes an eruption. We headed outside to see this in action. Take a look at the video below to see what happened! 



Wednesday 25th June - Platinum Jubilee Celebration

The children have had a wonderful day today completing a variety of activities to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We began the day by learning a bit more about Queen Elizabeth II and her 70 year reign. We then took a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace before heading outside for a picnic. Though the weather was traditionally British, but we still had a lovely time. Later in the day, we listened to author Steve Antony read his story ‘The Queen’s Hat’, before drawing our own images of the Queen and her Corgis.



Tuesday 24th June - Roman Adventure

Today the children visited Verulamium park and museum, travelling back 2000 years to the time of the Romans. The morning was spent learning about Roman life by exploring the museum’s exhibits. Later, the children were able to take a closer look at some genuine Roman artefacts. In the afternoon, after a brief rain shower, they then explored the Roman remains within the park itself. The mosaic floor was incredible! 



Friday 29th May - Book Club is Back!

The children enjoyed taking some time to read a book of their choice this afternoon.


Thursday 31st March - A Very Hoppy Class

Today Juniper class loved hopping around the daily mile track. Thank you for all of your generous donations!

Tuesday 22nd March - Geography Learning Walk

This afternoon, Juniper went on a learning walk of the local area to complete a data collection activity to support their geography learning. The children took a lovely stroll to the village and were on the hunt for different human and physical features of a settlement. We had lots of fun in the sunshine and collected lots of valuable information, which we will use within our next geography lesson.

Monday 21st March - Egyptian Day

Today the children enhanced their knowledge of Ancient Egypt by taking part in an Ancient Egyptian workshop. This morning, the children gathered inside an Egyptian tomb and quickly realised that the tomb placed a dancing curse on those who dared to enter. The only way to lift the curse was by completing a series of activities and challenges which the children did brilliantly. They even got to meet some famous faces along the way, including Tutankhamun and Anubis. Luckily, the children worked so well that they broke the curse and are now freed. Or are they...


Friday 18th March - Juniper Class Assembly

This Morning, Juniper class did a fantastic job presenting their learning to their families and Larch class during their class assembly. The assembly took visitors on a journey through the rainforest, learning about biomes along the way. The next stop took visitors to the desert where they learnt about the process of mummification. The assembly ended with a song which was sung clearly and beautifully, accompanied by actions and musical instruments. Well done Juniper - what a fantastic start to Friday!

Yellow and Blue

Today the children wore yellow and blue in support of Ukraine. It was lovely to see so much joy and positivity in the classroom.

Delightful DT

This afternoon, the children developed their knife skills in preparation for cooking their Italian dish next week. We used the claw grip and the bridge hold to make sure we stayed safe. We couldn’t resist an afternoon snack once our veggies had been chopped!

What a wonderful day we have had!


Friday 11th March - Delightful DT Day

Today children were provided with the opportunity to become engineers and inventors during our DT day. We started the day with an assembly hosted by Innovation Ben, an inventor who works for Dyson. He inspired us with lots of stories of his own marvellous inventions, including a zip line when he was just 11! As a class, we then identified a problem that required an invention to help resolve it. We decided one problem facing the world right now is the amount of rubbish entering our oceans. We then began inventing! Take a look at some of our inventions below. 

The afternoon was spent putting our engineering skills to the test, building the tallest towers from different materials including spaghetti, marshmallows, tin foil and cups. We were very pleased with our creations. 


Thursday 10th March - An EGGcelent discovery

What a day! Miss Bennett was horrified to see a mysterious, mechanical object hovering just centimetres above the school roof this morning. Juniper class couldn’t believe their eyes when she showed them the clip of the machine. The class then decided to hunt around the playground for any further clues. Amazingly, the children discovered a mysterious, green egg lurking between the trees. Where is the machine now? Where did the egg come from? Juniper continue to investigate...


Thursday 3rd March - World Book Day

Juniper class have had the most wonderful day celebrating World Book Day today! Miss Bennett was amazed when she was joined in class by Little Red Riding Hood, Harry Potter and even Peter Pan's shadow this morning! The children have completed many fun activities, inspired by the stories written by best-selling author and journalist Sarah Oliver. 


Friday 11th February - Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 8th February marked Safer Internet Day. Therefore, this Friday, Juniper class took some time to consider the actions we are taking to keep ourselves safe online. We learnt the importance of showing respect to others and never pressurising other people online. We then each made a pledge #playourpart to create a kind and supportive internet. 



Friday 14th January - Mystery Reader Returns!

This afternoon, Juniper class have enjoyed doing lots of reading! Firstly, we chose our own stories to read during book club. Later on, we had a wonderful new Mystery Reader to share a story with us. Henry’s mum shared George’s Marvellous Medicine and we loved imagining what George’s medicine might include and look like. Thank you!

Wednesday 15th December - Christmas Christingle

The children had a wonderful time today creating their own Christingles. We spent some reflecting on all of the things we are thankful and hopeful for.

Friday 10th December 2021 - Mystery Reader

What a fantastic Friday we have had! This was topped off with a brilliant story at the end of the day. We were lucky enough to have Mr Glover read us ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. Our favourite crayon was the peach crayon! Thank you Mr Glover!

Friday 10th December 2021 - Fun at the Fair

Wow! Even from a social distance, Father Christmas provided all of the Christmas magic at Tanners Wood this morning. The children loved all of the different fair games including a cuddly toy tombola and throwing beanbags through the snowman’s nose! Some of the prizes were bigger than we are! Thank you Father Christmas!


Friday 26th November - Book Club and Mystery Reader

Today we enjoyed lots of fun stories, firstly during our class Book Club. Then later, we were treated to two especially funny stories from Mrs Glover - this week’s mystery reader. We loved joining in with the noises! Thank you Mrs Glover!


Friday 19th November 2021 - Anti-Bullying Day

We learnt about kind words and have focussed on understanding the words- tolerance, diversity, difference and inclusion. We watched the big assembly and made the pledge to help stop bullying. We thought of all the different words for kind and wrote them inside the word kind. Then we thought of all the ways that we can be kind and wrote them on a key for kindness. We had a great day thinking and being great! 



Wednesday 17th November - Celtic Harmony

Today Juniper class travelled back in time...2.5 million years to be exact, back to the Stone Age period. We learned valuable skills including how to hunt, gather, make shelter, create weapons from flint and even make fire! Thank you to all of the adults who joined us on our historic adventure!

Friday 12th November - Mystery Reader!

Juniper class were full of suspense this Friday afternoon, waiting to discover who this week’s mystery reader was. When Miss Neall walked in, the children were delighted! Miss Neall shared two wonderful stories with the children, including Elmer and Super El - one of her own favourites as a child. Thank you Miss Neall!


Tuesday 10th November - Game On!
Yesterday, the children were delighted to take part in a special Game On PE session. We refined our throwing and catching skills and played lots of fun dodgeball games.





Friday 21st October - Art Day

Today, Juniper class were delighted to take part in our whole school art day. This morning, completed a live session with bestselling cartoonist James Parsons, where he showed us lots of cool tips and tricks for drawing cartoons. 

This afternoon, we were lucky enough to join a second live session, where we created a comic strip, featuring lots of fun farmyard animals and a dragon! 

We have had a wonderful day and are very proud of the artwork we have created.