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Juniper Blog - Year 3

Friday 26th November - Book Club and Mystery Reader

Today we enjoyed lots of fun stories, firstly during our class Book Club. Then later, we were treated to two especially funny stories from Mrs Glover - this week’s mystery reader. We loved joining in with the noises! Thank you Mrs Glover!


Friday 19th November 2021 - Anti-Bullying Day

We learnt about kind words and have focussed on understanding the words- tolerance, diversity, difference and inclusion. We watched the big assembly and made the pledge to help stop bullying. We thought of all the different words for kind and wrote them inside the word kind. Then we thought of all the ways that we can be kind and wrote them on a key for kindness. We had a great day thinking and being great! 



Wednesday 17th November - Celtic Harmony

Today Juniper class travelled back in time...2.5 million years to be exact, back to the Stone Age period. We learned valuable skills including how to hunt, gather, make shelter, create weapons from flint and even make fire! Thank you to all of the adults who joined us on our historic adventure!

Friday 12th November - Mystery Reader!

Juniper class were full of suspense this Friday afternoon, waiting to discover who this week’s mystery reader was. When Miss Neall walked in, the children were delighted! Miss Neall shared two wonderful stories with the children, including Elmer and Super El - one of her own favourites as a child. Thank you Miss Neall!


Tuesday 10th November - Game On!
Yesterday, the children were delighted to take part in a special Game On PE session. We refined our throwing and catching skills and played lots of fun dodgeball games.





Friday 21st October - Art Day

Today, Juniper class were delighted to take part in our whole school art day. This morning, completed a live session with bestselling cartoonist James Parsons, where he showed us lots of cool tips and tricks for drawing cartoons. 

This afternoon, we were lucky enough to join a second live session, where we created a comic strip, featuring lots of fun farmyard animals and a dragon! 

We have had a wonderful day and are very proud of the artwork we have created.