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Maple Blog - Year 4

Harry Potter Studios

What a magical day Maple Class had today at the Harry Potter Studios.  Not only did they walk around the studios seeing costumes, props and learning about how the films had been made, they were also lucky enough to feel and touch some of the actual film props! During the workshop, the children wrote instructions for a board game and then invented their own game using some props. 

Maple Class Harry Potter 24




Balancing Bridges

Maple Class worked with a partner to create balancing bridges on a piece of apparatus. 

Maple Class 23 Balancing Bridges


Electrifying Electricity

Maple Class enjoyed learning what an incomplete and complete circuit is. 


Maple's Got Talent

Members of Maple Class demonstrated their musical talents to the rest of their class. 


Christmas Fair

A big thank you to FOTW for putting on an amazing Christmas Fair, the children in Maple Class had a fabulous time. 

Maple 23 Christmas Fair


Christmas Lunch

Maple Class really enjoyed their delicious Christmas lunch. 


Class Assembly

Just Wow! Well done to all members of Maple Class for smashing their class assembly.  They all spoke clearly and confidently and proudly showed some of their outstanding work from this half term.  They ended their Christmas themed assembly with a beautiful rendition of 'Christmas Gold'. 



Maple 23 Class Assembly



Environment Heroes

Well done to two members of Maple Class for their fabulous idea and helping clear the leaves in the KS1 playground. 



MAKE SOME NOISE - Anti Bullying Week

Maple Class made a lot of noise as part of their week long learning during anti bullying week. 


Viking Shields

As part of our home learning, children in Maple Class created Viking shields.  Look at our fabulous work! 



Tri Golf

Maple Class behaved impeccably at the Tri Golf tournament at Parmiters School.  Well done to the B and C team who won their groups. 


Tri Golf Maple 23




Athlete Day

Today, Maple class were incredibly lucky to meet British olympic gymnast Steve Frew, who won Gold at the Common Wealth Games. Steve put us through our paces with a series of exercises after which he spoke to use about resilience and perseverance.


Athlete Day


Does gas weigh anything?

We can't see it and sometimes can't smell it, but does gas weigh anything?  This investigation involved us weighing a bottle of fizzy drink to see if when we opened it, the weight would change.  By shaking the bottle before we opened it, we found that we were able to make the gas bubbles rise to the top quicker.  As you can see, we really enjoyed shaking the bottles of fizzy drink. 


Gas 2023






Which chocolate melts the fastest, dark, plain or white!  Maple Class investigated which type of chocolate would melt the fastest when placed in hot water.  We were really surprised by the results, can you guess which one melted the fastest? 

We were also challenged to put a piece of chocolate onto our tongues and let it melt without eating it!  We found this incredibly difficult. 





Bouncy Castle Fun!

Thank you Year 6's for sharing your treat with us.  We had great fun! 

Maple Bouncy Castle 23


Game On! 

Maple Class had a great afternoon with Coach Harry, brushing up on their hockey skills and putting them to good use with a game of 'Kings and Queens'. 


Sports Day

Today the children had a wonderful time at Sports Day. They completed a range of activities including: obstacle course, football dribbling, speed stack and javelin. All children showed fantastic resilience and supported each other, no matter their teams. Well done Maple Class!

Maple Sports Day 23


Animal Antics! 

What an amazing workshop we were treated to today with 'Wild Science'. Maple class had the opportunity to meet some wonderful animals, while learning about the food chain. There were big smiles all around, especially when they got to hold a ghecko. 

Thank you Wild Science! We can't to have you back! 

Animal Antics


Vertigo Adventures! 

Maple Class demonstrated their resilience and team skills during this fantastic day out. The children supported and encouraged each other and overcame their fears, trying activities that they never have done so before. 

Well done!

Maple Vertigo Adventures


Coronation Celebrations

Maple Class had a fantastic afternoon taking part in a range of activities to celebrate the coronation.




Soap Sculptures

This took some perseverance, but the outcome was worth it! 



Game On

A fun and energetic afternoon was had by all of Year 4 this afternoon with Game On.  They learned a number of new skills involving throwing and catching which they combined to play a game of handball. 


Game On



Digestive System

Have you ever wondered what happens to the food that you eat? Maple Class investigated the digestive system using a variety of equipment to represent different organs and parts. The end result was obviously of the making of 'poo'!  A messy investigation, but as you can see from our faces, one we will definitely remember. 

Digestive System





Buzzer Game

We used our previous knowledge of electrical circuits to make our own buzzer games. As part of our research, we tested a variety of games, looking at their designs, purpose and how easy they were to play.  We used the findings of our research to design and create our own buzzer games; the purpose of our games was to improve hand, eye co-ordination.  Our buzzer games were tested by Holly Class, who described them as 'really good fun' and enjoyed the different levels of challenges we had created. 

Buzzer Game



World Book Day

Maple Class really enjoyed the drama workshop, where we imaged we were a character of a clown.  This inspired our funny stories about a real circus clown joining our class, the consequences were a disaster - well for the teachers anyway! 



Bridges - Gymnastics

We worked as a team to create some great bridges.




Indoor Athletics

Thank you Three River Sports Partnership for organising an exciting, and fun packed afternoon.  There was lots of cheering, and some very close races.  Well done to all the children who took part and a special well done to Maple girls who came 1st! 

Indoor Athletics



Electrical Circuits

How does a lightbulb light? Does electricity move? All those questions were answered today, when we learnt how to make a complete circuit. You can see by our faces, how excited and proud we are of our learning. 




DT - Biscuits

Maple Class were extremely lucky to have the biscuit cutters which they designed using the computer software Tinkercard, printed using a 3D printer.  Thank you Kings Langley Secondary School.  Today we used our cutters to make and decorate Christmas biscuits. 

They looked all looked yummy and tasted even better! 



Hazard Alley

A fantastic day was had by everyone at Hazard Alley.  The children learnt invaluable lessons about water safety, crossing the road, the dangers of train lines as well as how to dial 999. 

Hazard Alley




Dance Festival

On Wednesday 25th our amazing Year 4 children represented Tanners Wood at the annual Dance Festival at Rickmansworth School. After weeks’ of rehearsing and perfecting their routine to the song, ‘We Will Rock You’, the children performed in front of an audience of over 300 people! Despite having never performed in front of large audience before, the children did not let their nerves overcome them and pulled off their best and most confident performance ever! Well done Year 4, you have made everybody extremely proud!




Art Workshop - Maria Demetriou

Maple Class were incredibly lucky today to have an art workshop by the amazing talented artist, Maria Demetriou. Maria is an ex primary school teacher who left the profession to pursue her love of art. She now runs a number of workshops including one at the Henderson Hubb. After looking at some of Maria's work, the children used her piece called 'Puppet Heart' as inspiration for their own work; learning how to blend and mix different colours using just primary colours. Thank you again Maria for your time - the children are incredibly proud of themselves and of the work that they produced today with you. Their smiles said it all! 

Maria Demetriou



Viking Shields

Look at our amazing Viking Shields!

Viking Shields


Push and Pull

Maple Class had a great time investigating the reasons as to why the Saxons invaded Great Britain using 'push and pull' factors. 


Leavesden Country Park

Year 4 had an absolutely fabulous jam packed day at Leavesden Country Park with the Play Rangers. They took part in lots of activities which included team challenges using water balloons and gutters as well as a bug hunt, campfire and den building. The children especially enjoyed beating the adults in a game of tug-of-war.  A massive thank you to Mrs Henson and her team of Play Rangers for all of their hard work today.  The children left tired but with huge smiles on their faces. 

Leavesden Country Park




Sports Day

It was lovely to be able to invite parents, friends and family to come and watch our Sports Day.  A fabulous day was had by all and the children really enjoyed taking part in a range of events including speed stacking, javelin, football and an obstacle course.  The finale was an exciting mixed relay. Well done to Fine who came first overall. 

Sports Day




What an amazing day we all had a Legoland! The children were able to explore the park and took part in an interesting robotics workshop where they made their own Lego Mythica robot. It was brilliant to see how brave everyone and Mrs Radia was super proud of them all. 





Abbots Langley Carnival

Year 4 had a fantastic day at Abbots Langley Carnival. Their efforts with the float were awarded with one of the winning trophies.  Well done to all of the children and parents for all their hard work creating magnificent float.  

Abbots Langley Carnival 2022





DT Day

We really enjoyed learning about engineering today and the type of jobs that engineers do. Innovator Ben, treated us to an informative assembly where he talked about his job at Dyson and showed us some of his inventions and designs.  This inspired us to come up with our own inventions which could solve a problem. During the afternoon, we had fun creating catapults and tried to use our designs to knock down a Lego wall. 



World Book Day

An exciting day was had by the whole class, dressing up and taking part in various activities linked to our focus author Lucy Oliver. 


Hazard Alley

Maple Class had a fantastic trip to Hazard Alley in Milton Keynes where they applied their communication and team working skills to various scenarios and situations. The children enjoyed learning about the dangerous of train tracks and how to cross the road safely. They were also taught how to dial 999 in an emergency. 

Hazard Alley


Mindful Meditation

Maple Class felt  relaxed and calm after their session of Mindful Meditation. They learnt how to use different techniques to help them concentrate on their breathing. 




We applied our knowledge of conductors and insulators to create different types of switches. 



Christmas Fayre

The class had a great time playing games and winning prizes at the Christmas Fayre.  Thank you FoTW for organising such a great event. 

Maple Class Christmas Fayre




Anti Bullying Week

Maple Class explored the theme on 'one kind word', focusing on: tolerance, diversity and difference.  They enjoyed showing their spots. 

Anti Bullying



Quick Cricket

Some children from Year 4 took part in a quick cricket tournament at Rickmansworth School.  They each played 7 matches and as you can see by their faces, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

Well done to all of you! 


Tri Golf Tournament 

Today Year 4 travelled the short distance to Parmiters School to take part in the inter schools Tri Golf Tournament. The children were very excited to take part in their first inter schools sports event. A great time was had by all.