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Tuesday 4th October 2022

Today we went for a walk around the school grounds looking for signs of Autumn. We found lots of different coloured leaves, as well as acorns, conkers and pine cones. We collected all of the different things we found and we are going to use them to create some beautiful Autumn art work.

Why don't you go for an Autumn walk at the weekend and see what you can find?

Autumn walk





Friday 30th September 2022

Today we had our first Mystery Reader! The children were very excited to see who it would be. Harry's Grandad read Norman, The Slug With The Silly Shell to us. We loved the part where Norman makes himself all slimy to escape from the bird.



Tuesday 27th September 2022

We enjoyed an outside PE lesson today while the weather is still nice! In PE we are learning to find a space, move around safely and stop and freeze when we hear the shaker. All of the children did a fantastic job of finding a spot to stand on and showed brilliant listening skills as they followed lots of instructions.

We had lots of fun playing the bean game. See if they can show you how to be a runner bean, a jumping bean, a jelly bean or a French bean!

Apple PE






Tuesday 20th September 2022

We have all had a wonderful first full week at school. We have explored all of the different areas of the classroom, got used to new routines and made lots of new friends. Well done Apple Class for settling in so quickly!

Apple 1





Thursday 21st October 2021

Today the whole school have enjoyed an amazing Art day! In Nursery we have been exploring different lines, shapes and patterns. We listened to some music and took our pens for a walk and a dance across big pieces of paper. It was lovely to see all of the different things that the music made us think of and it was a good workout for our muscles to make lots of big shapes on paper.