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Spruce Blog - Year 6

Magistrates Workshop

We we’re visited by two magistrates who taught us about how the Judicial System works.

Mental Health Awareness Week

We looked at the importance of having strong mental health and acknowledging that it is ok to have times where it is not so strong and how we can help ourselves to overcome those challenges.

D&T: Bridges

We tested different types of bridges by adding weights to our structures.

D&T: Bridges


End of SATs!
A huge well done to all of the children in Year 6 for working so hard this year to prepare for their SATs. They all did their very best and we are so proud of them!



In Science, we made periscopes to show how light travels in straight lines and can be reflected. 

Spruce - Periscopes



We created colour wheels to show how light can look white but it is actually made up of the colours of the rainbow... Isaac Newton's observations!

Spruce - Colour Wheels


Black History Workshop

We were fortunate to have students from Longdean School's LEAD group visit to teach us about the Civil Rights Movement and pre-Colonial Africa. 

Mr B was surprised to see his former teacher from Longdean turn up!

Spruce - Black History Workshop


Watford School's Trust Workshop

Thank you to the Watford School's Trust for an insightful RE Easter workshop.

Spruce - RE WST Workshop


World Book Day 2024!

Tanners Wood celebrated WBD on Friday 8th March and Spruce Class did this in style! The range of costumes on display and the creativity shown was nothing short of amazing. 

We had loads of fun during a KS2 assembly where we had the chance to show off our super costumes. We created an acrostic poem, read more of our whole-class book which is 'Freedom' by Catherine Johnson. We had the chance to read a book to Holly Class mid-morning. We then designed a new front cover for the book using oil pastels and chalk. Lastly, we relaxed with some traditional Golden Time!

A thoroughly enjoyable day. Thank you to parents and adults at home for helping the children and inspiring them to embrace WBD and to read!




Spruce - WBD


World Book Day Workshop

Today, we were lucky to take part in a poetry workshop led by Chris who helped us to create a whole-school poem based on some famous book characters. Year 6 selected BFG and performed the ending to the whole-school poem during an assembly.


Mindfulness: Meditation

Spruce - Mindfulness



Safer Internet Day

Mrs Radia kick started our week by introducing us to this year's theme: Inspiring Change

We looked at the importance of remaining safe and kind when using online platforms and group chats.





Soup Day:

The children in Spruce had great fun preparing and making their soup. We learnt different cutting techniques and the importance of hygiene when cooking.

The children rounded their lesson off with an additional lunch by tasting their recipe.

Thank you to the adults at home who let us borrow some equipment!


Spruce - Soup Day


PE Indoor Athletics

We had a very exciting afternoon at Parmiter’s School competing in the Sports Partnership’s indoor athletics event.


Well done to Spruce girls and Walnut boys for coming in second place!

Spruce - Indoor Athletics


DT: Cushions

The class have been practising their sewing skills and designing their own cushions. We can't wait to see the final product! (That's right, they can repair their own school uniform now!)

Spruce - DT Sewing



Christmas Fayre

A big thank you to the FOTW for an amazing fayre!

Spruce - Christmas Fayre


Christmas Lunch


Bletchley Park Trip

Wednesday 15th November

Year 6 were given the fantastic opportunity to go back in time and visit Bletchley Park - the home of the Enigma Code breakers during WW2! We visited the mansion and Alan Turing's office - he still had his coffee cup chained to his radiator! We had a tour and looked around the museum. Lastly, we had a workshop in which the children were able to use a real Enigma machine from WW2 - worth in excess of £300,000! 

Spruce - Bletchley Park



Remembrance Assembly

Thursday 9th November 2023

With Remembrance Day approaching, Mrs Qureshi delivered an assembly to explain the purpose of this day. As a mark of respect, we held a minutes silence. The children observed the silence with great respect.

Police and Crime Workshop

Today, we had a workshop delivered to us by ‘Lives not Knives’ who taught us all about safety in our community.



Thursday 2nd November 2023

We looked at the events that led to the build up of WW2.

Monday 9th October 2023

Today, Spruce class were incredibly lucky to meet British Olympic gymnast Steve Frew. He spoke to us about the importance of determination and resilience in order to achieve our goals and dreams. He took us through his experiences leading up to winning a gold medal for Great Britain.



We made worry spirals in PSHE.


PE - Carnival

In PE, we have been creating a dance sequence based on the theme of a carnival. We explored samba movements, canon and unison. We also incorporated high and low movements.

We created some well-choreographed routines.














Monday 27th February 2023

World Book Week Workshop


The children enjoyed a drama workshop this afternoon to kick-start our World Book Week. The children focussed on developing a character who uses their brain to overcome and find solutions to challenging situations.