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Walnut Blog - Year 6

Wednesday 19th January 2022

As part of our RE learning this half term, we are looking at the use of expressive and visual art within religion. This week, we looked specifically at Buddhism and their beliefs around meditation. We even had a go at meditating ourselves!


Tuesday 18th January 2022

In Walnut class, we have started the new year with some excellent maths learning! We have been investigating angles this week and have even experimented with using protractors to measure them ourselves! Did you know all three angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees?


Wednesday 15th December 2021

Today in Year 6, we have been learning about Christingles and how Christians believe that kindness is important to allow us to spread hope. The orange represents the world (which is lonely on its own), the red tape represents the blood of Jesus and his love for everyone and the sweets and fruit represent all the good things that God gives to us throughout the four seasons. When the candle is lit, it represents Jesus being the ‘light of the world’. We all lit our candles outside and thought about our hopes for the future.

Friday 10th December 2021

Walnut class had a fabulous time at the Christmas Fayre this afternoon! Thank you to everyone who organised the event - we loved it! We especially enjoyed spinning for sweets and chocolate! Merry Christmas to all the Tanners Wood community!


Monday 29th November 2021

We have been lucky enough to spend today discovering the incredible secrets of Bletchley Park during WW2. We learnt all about the process of arriving at Bletchley Park as a worker and discovered the vitality of the jobs that were carried out there; the work at Bletchley Park played a huge role in helping the Allies win the war! We explored how the enigma machine code was cracked and even had an attempt at code cracking ourselves! 


Friday 26th November 2021

Walnut Class were all very excited for Book Club this morning!

Anti-Bullying Week (15th-19th November 2021)

The theme of Anti-Bullying week this year was ‘One Kind Word’. Each day we had a discussion and activity focussed on an important key word: tolerance, inclusion, diversity and difference. We then spent Friday afternoon summarising the main lessons of the week and created some fantastic ‘kind’ pieces of work.


Thursday 18th November 2021

As part of our science topic on microorganisms, we have been learning about how we haven’t always known about the link between microorganisms and diseases. We researched about different scientists and their discoveries, focussing on how their evidence has changed what we know today - even linking to COVID 19! We worked in groups and created role-plays of the discoveries! 

Friday 12th November 2021

As part of our new Guided Reading cycle, we have started Book Club every Friday morning in Walnut Class! We get ourselves comfortable, relax and read any book of our choice. We love Book Club as it gives us time “to get all relaxed and lost in a book!” We then all answer a question and add it to our display board! 


Thursday 11th November 2021

This morning, we have been lucky enough to take part in a Game On session! We had so much fun practising our ball skills, hand-eye coordination and team work.


Friday 5th November 2021

This week in English, we have been reading and analysing WW2 free verse poetry. We read a range of existing poems and outlined how the poets have used imagery and emotive language to leave an effect on the reader. We used a range of sources to inspire our use of vocabulary and literacy devices. Finally, we published our fantastic poems on WW2 images - Miss Reynolds was so impressed, she has put lots of our poems up on display! 


Thursday 21st October 2021

Today we have had a fun, exciting and inspiring day of art! We have perfected our skill of bubble writing, learnt how to draw using perspective and even attended two live sessions with cartoon and comic book artist James Parsons. We have loved every second! 


Friday 15th October 2021

Thank you for all your kind and generous Harvest donations for the Watford Foodbank!


Friday 15th October 2021

Who knew Walnuts were so musical??!?

Today in Walnut class, we have been putting our glockenspiel skills to the test and have learnt to play the basic notes to our class song this half term - ‘Happy’! We were really impressed with our timing as a class together. 


 Friday 8th October 2021

This Sunday is World Mental Health Day 2021. Walnut Class spent this morning discussing what ‘mental health’ means to us and sharing the strategies we use to try and maintain a positive mindset. We worked together to identify how we can reshape our thoughts in situations we may find difficult and compared negative and positive coping methods.