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Willow Blog - Year 6

Friday 11th March 2022


Today was DT Day where we celebrated all things DT! The children had an assembly from an engineer/inventor of Dyson, who spoke about what it means to be an inventor and engineer. The children then planned their own inventions to enter a competition for their design to be made into a real item! They also had to write a persuasive cover letter as to why their invention should be chosen. 


In the afternoon we used spaghetti and marshmellows to see which group could make the tallest freestanding tower. It was very messy but lots of fun!




Thursday 10th March 2022

Year Six were extremely lucky today to have a visit from the Ethnic and Diversity Group at Longdean Secondary School. We took part in two workshops: one about pre-slavery Africa and one about The Civil Rights Movement. We asked lots of questions and took part in some fantastic activities!



Thursday 3rd March 2022

Today Willow Class had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day. We gathered information from an author who told us how she became an author and gave advice. The class listened to Mrs Pond read their class book and discussed how reading is fun. 

In the afternoon we completed an activity for World Book Day, where we used chrome-books to research information about an influential person. 

Willow Class had a great day and enjoyed celebrating!






Friday 11th February 2022


As part of Internet Safety Day, we looked closely at staying safe online. Our focus was 'How we show respect online.' We had class discussions using different scenarios and came to a decision on whether it was showing respect to people online, or not. We then designed a poster to show how to show respect to others online and what to do if people are not showing respect. 




Wednesday 15th December 2021

Today in Year 6, we have been learning about Christingles and how Christians believe that kindness is important to allow us to spread hope. The orange represents the world (which is lonely on its own), the red tape represents the blood of Jesus and his love for everyone and the sweets and fruit represent all the good things that God gives to us throughout the four seasons. When the candle is lit, it represents Jesus being the ‘light of the world’. We all lit our candles outside and thought about our hopes for the future.


Friday 10th December 2021

Willow Class has a fantastic time at the Christmas Fair!


Anti-Bullying Week 2021

Willow Class celebrated anti-bullying week this week by discussing a variety of words (tolerance, respect, inclusion, diversity and difference) 

We discussed the key message this year "One Kind Word" and what this meant. Children in Willow came up with a list of kind words they would used. 

Each child then wrote an acrostic poem, focusing on 'Kindness' and completed mindfulness colouring to support our well-being. 

To end the week, we made our pledge "I'm putting my hand up and pledging to put an end to bullying."





Friday 21st October 2021


Willow Class took part in many different activities for art curriculum day today. We started by watching a video on how to draw bubble writing and then children had a go at it themselves. We then learnt how to draw using 'perspective' and choose whether to draw houses or trees. You can see from the fantastic examples how well the children did!


We were lucky enough to take part in two virtual workshops, learning how to make a comic book front cover, as well as drawing manga/anime. 


The children had a fantastic day and what brilliant pieces of work they produced!




Friday 15th October 2021

A huge thank you for the fantastic response to the Harvest donations.