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Oak BLOG - Year 4

Harry Potter World 

What a magical day Oak Class had at the Harry Potter Studios.  During the workshop, the children wrote instructions for a board game and then invented their own game using some Harry Potter props as inspiration! In addition, we were lucky enough to feel and hold some of the actual film props - we had to wear special white gloves! In the afternoon, we walked around the studios, saw many of the costumes and more props and also learnt about how the films had been made. Finally, we had our picture taken on a broomstick. It was a very eventful and enjoyable day. 



DT - 3D printing and cookie making

Oak Class made cookies in DT using their amazing 3D, printer cutters. We decorated them following our design criteria.


Oak Class Christmas Lunch

We all enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch!


PE- Bridges

Oak Class have been creating bridges with their partners in PE.



Year 4: Tri Golf

Our Year 4 classes went to Parmiters School to take part in the Tri-Golf event. They had so much fun - well done to both classes for representing Tanners impeccably well!




Friday 30th June 2023

Sports Day

Oak class performed amazingly well today in front of a crowd of excited supporters, at our annual Sports Day. They cheered their peers on, celebrated their successes and demonstrated great sportsmanship. Well done - I am very proud of you all !


Thursday 8th June 2023

Science Workshop

Today, we were fortunate to meet, stroke and even hold some unusual animals in our Wild science workshop. We learnt about each animals food chain, where they came from and how they needed to be looked after. It was an extremely exciting morning!


Thursday 25th May 2023

Trip to Vertigo Adventures

Year 4 visited Vertigo Adventures in Welwyn Garden City, where they used effective communication and team building skills to encourage one another during a number of challenges. Well done to all of you for tackling the activities with great enthusiasm and determination!



Friday 5th May 2023

Oak Class Assembly

Today, Oak class shared their learning in their class assembly. Each and every one of them spoke with great confidence and for the finale they sung their hearts out! Mrs Turone, Mrs Vertessy and Miss Brady were extremely proud of them.



Coronation Celebrations 

After our exciting morning, Oak class then spent the afternoon taking part in Coronation activities. The children watched the late Queen Elizabeth II Coronation in 1953, created their own Union Jack flags, made crowns and created collages of King Charles III using red, white and blue coloured paper. All in celebration of his coronation taking place on Saturday 6th May. 


Tuesday 25th April 2023

Game On

On Tuesday, Year 4 were treated to a very energetic Game On session. After a vigorous warm-up, the children were shown new techniques and taught tactics to improve their hand-ball game. A fun time was had by all!


Wednesday 29th March 2023


Today, Oak class used their scientific skills, to accurately observe and record the length of time it took to remove a black mark from a set of teeth, using a stop watch and 4 different types of toothpastes. We put whitening, sensitive, charcoal and normal toothpaste to the test. Which toothpaste do you think was most effective? 



Tuesday 14th March 2023


In science, we have been investigating the causes of tooth decay. We used hard boiled eggs as a representation of our teeth - the shell acted as the enamel of our teeth. Each hard boiled egg was submerged in a different liquid and left for a week.

After one week, we removed the eggs from the liquids, as a class we observed and recorded our findings. We were all surprised to learn that Coke Zero had stained the eggshell completely, the caramel colouring from the Coke Zero had transferred on to the shell, leaving the liquid much paler. The eggshell that was in the Lucozade had blistered and when the surfaced was rubbed, the top layer came off!

We will all be ensuring that we thoroughly and regularly brush our teeth from now on, to prevent tooth decay!

Thursday 2nd March 2023

World Book Day

We all had great fun dressing up for World Book Day!

 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' was the chosen book for Oak's display - we even had a few of our own Mr Wonka's! 


Monday 27th February 2023

World Book Week Workshop

Year 4 were thrilled to take part in a writing workshop. Here we are creating sculptures with our bodies to represent comedic items. Can you guess what we are?


Wednesday 28th September 2022

Art Display

We looked at the artwork by autistic artist, Alina Mucciolo. She uses bold colours to create positive and happy pieces. We used her as inspiration to create a nature scene, abstract art, or a positive message of art.


Friday 24th June 2022

Today we were very lucky as Year 4 took a trip to LegoLand! We had a wonderful time going around the park and trying out some of the rides- it was amazing to see how brave everyone was! We also got to take part in a robotics workshop where the children created their own Lego figurine in small groups and then programmed their creation to make sound. Here is a small selection of the lovely photos we took. 

Friday 11th March 2022

Today we took part in a D&T curriculum day. In the morning, the children attended a virtual assembly with a real life engineer called Ben. They then entered into an Engineering Competition to invent a solution to a problem. In the afternoon, the children were set a challenge to create a marble run using cardboard and trialled them out to see if they worked, modifying them if they needed to. 



Tuesday 16th November 2021

Today we were very lucky to have a session with Game On based around dodgeball. We all had a great time and as you can see, were practising very hard on our aims! 


Thursday 14th October 2021

Today we took a short trip to Parmiters school to take part in the year 4 tri-golf event. We all had a brilliant time and really enjoyed showing off our new golf skills that we have been practising in PE.