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Religious Education (RE)

Vision Statement

We want the children of Tanners Wood School to leave us as well-rounded citizens with knowledge and understanding of the six main religions. This will lead them to accept people who they meet throughout their life at face value, with no pre-misconceptions. Our aim is for the children to show tolerance and respect, understanding and acceptance to everyone they come into contact with no matter what the person’s background.  

Our ambition is that the children of Tanners Wood know their place in the world.  They will have developed a strong sense of personal identity and beliefs which in turn fosters and embeds their personal moral code.  

The expectation is not for the children to follow a specific religion, because of religious education but rather they need to be educated in religion and what this means to followers of a faith. Through the teaching of religious education, they will reflect and take away what is important to them to help build their own moral code. 

Through our teaching, we want to nurture the children into a society where they are well rounded global citizens with a drive to succeed in life and an awareness and empathy of other people’s position in the world.


RE Years 1 -6 - Knowledge & Skills