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Rowan Blog - Year 5

World Book Day - Friday 8th March

Today we celebrated World Book Day by completing a number of fun activities, which linked to many different areas of the curriculum, based on the book ‘Where’s Wally’.

In maths, we used coordinates to identify where Wally and a number of different objects were situated.

In English, we used a range of prepositions to describe where Wally was situated, in relation to other objects around him.

We also had time to design our own Where’s Wally character and go for a hunt for Wally around the classroom.

To further celebrate the joy of reading, we paired with some children from Fir class and took turns reading to each other.

We have had a wonderful day celebrating all things books!





Royal Gunpowder Mill - Monday 16th January

Today, the children visited the Royal Gunpowder Mill to deepen their understanding of the Victorian era. We learnt about the importance of Gunpowder during this time and what it was used for, alongside further facts about Victorian living. We had a go at using Victorian washing equipment and even saw some local wildlife. 


Christmas Workshop - Tuesday 12th December 2023

Today, we were joined by Mrs Jordan from Watford Schools Trust, who shared with us the Christian Christmas story. We began by considering what Christmas means to us today. Our ideas included: spending time with family, presents, snow, giving to others and Christmas dinner. After this, we ordered the traditional Christmas story, where Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem to have their baby: Jesus. As a result, we learnt about the true meaning of Christmas for Christians.


Anti-Bullying Week - 13th-17th November 2023

This week we have been learning about what bullying behaviour looks like, so that we are able to spot the signs if we ever witness bullying happening to ourselves or to those around us. This year’s theme of ‘make a noise about bullying’ reminded us that it is everyone’s responsibility to stand up to bullying. We completed a range of activities in class, including designing kindness odd socks, as a reminder of what we should do to support each other every day.

Fun Run - Thursday 16th November 2023

Today the children took part in a Fun Run at Parmiters School. The children ran competitively and then just for fun! All children showed great sportsmanship and perseverance. Well done team Tanners!


Play Leader Training - Friday 13th October

Today, the children were joined by Mr Harrington from the Sports Partnership, who provided the class with training to become play leaders. The children discussed what qualities a good play leader should have. They were then given an opportunity to devise their own active games. In the afternoon, the children demonstrated their game to the Y1 children. The children learnt valuable skills that they will be able to use, after half term, to support the key stage one children with playing exciting games at lunchtime.



Gold Medal Gym Class - Monday 9th October

On Monday, the children were lucky enough to take part in a PE session with team GB gold medalist Steve Frew. After their session, Steve told the children a little bit more about his journey to winning gold. He spoke about the importance of working hard, believing in oneself and never giving up!


History at Hampton Court - Friday 6th October

Rowan class thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Hampton Court Palace today. We got to learn much more information about Henry VIII and his six wives. Alongside this, we met one of Henry’s scullery maids, who told us all about different job roles during the Tudor period. We also took a look around Henry’s vegetable garden and explored the palace gardens. A tremendous Tudor day out!


Sports Day - Friday 30th June

Today the children had a wonderful time at Sports Day. They completed a range of activities including: archery, obstacle course, football dribbling, speed stack and javelin. All children showed fantastic resilience and supported each other, no matter their teams. Well done Rowan Class!


Royal Observatory Trip - Tuesday 22nd May

Today the children visited the royal observatory in Greenwich. We started the day by taking a look at the Prime Meridian line, which runs directly through London. Following this, we visited the planetarium where we watched the ceiling turn into outer space. We learnt lots about the rocky planets, the gassy planets and the asteroid belt. We completed some short activities to test our knowledge before ending the day with a workshop, learning more about the sun, moon and Earth. What a blast!



Coronation Celebration Day - Friday 5th May

Rowan class would like to wish everyone a very happy Coronation day and extended weekend!


Vector Drawing - Wednesday 26th April

In computing this half term, our new topic is ‘Vector Drawings’. Today the children experimented creating simple illustrations, using only basic shapes. They used the ‘copy’, ‘paste’ and ‘resize’ tools to create their drawings. 



Additional Handball Session - Wednesday 26th April

Today the children took part in an additional handball session, thanks to the sports partnership. They played a number of games to practise the skills required for handball, before taking part in three small tournaments at the end!




Sponsored Egg and Spoon Lap - Wednesday 29th March

Today the children completed a lap of the daily mile track, whilst delicately balancing a chocolate egg on a spoon. Some opted for pace, while others opted for precision, though all managed to complete the lap successfully with no eggs broken in the process! Thank you very much to everyone who made a donation. 


Royal Gunpowder Mill - Monday 27th March

Today the children visited the Royal Gunpowder Mill to consolidate their understanding of the Victorian era. We learnt about the importance of Gunpowder during this time and what it was used for, alongside further facts about Victorian living. We had a go at using Victorian washing equipment and playing a game involving a hoop and a stick that was popular with children at the time. 

DT - Baking Dough Balls - Thursday 23rd March

Today we completed our DT topic for this half term by baking, tasting and evaluating our dough balls. We experimented with a range of flavours including honey, chocolate, cheese, marshmallow and garlic and herbs. We developed our skills by weighing ingredients and kneading the dough. Yummy!


World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March

Today the children did an incredible job of dressing up as their favourite book characters, in order to celebrate World Book  Day. Our classroom door has also been transformed into the book cover for ‘Beetle Boy’ by M.G. Leonard. We are continuing to read this book in class.


Fun Run - Tuesday 28th February

Today Rowan class took part a fun run at Parmiters School. All children showed amazing team spirit and persevered when the run became tough. Rowan class came second in both the boys and girls category. Well done everybody for taking part and especially to those who managed to secure themselves a medal!


Rowan Class Assembly - Friday 24th February

Today Rowan class treated us to their class assembly, sharing much of the impressive learning that they have completed so far this term. The children took us on a journey through space and time, including stops in Victorian Britain, alongside Russia and the USA during the space race era in the 1960’s. Along the way, we also heard some examples of truly horrifying mystery and suspense writing and learnt some more about famous modern explorers and different types of reproduction. Well done Rowan class for delivering such a confident performance!


Anti-Bullying Week - 14th-18th November

The children have completed a range of talks and activities in support of Anti-Bullying this week. These included watching live lessons, which encouraged us to consider how we would deal with a bullying scenario, designing an Anti-Bullying school and wearing odd socks. We ended the week by making a pledge of what we will do moving moving to spread the ‘reach out’ message. 


History at Hampton Court - Friday 7th October

History at Hampton Court
Rowan Class thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Hampton Court Palace today. We got to learn much more about Henry VIII and his six wives. Alongside this, we met one of Henry’s personal bodyguards who tried to employ us as servants! In the afternoon, we wandered around the Palace gardens and managed to find our way out of a particularly tricky maze. A tremendous Tudor day out!


Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th September 2022 - A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This week the children have been publishing their facts files, displaying everything they have learnt about Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. The results were spectacular and made Miss Bennett feel very proud.


Thursday 22nd September - Reynold Rosenberg Visit

Today Year 5 were lucky enough to be visited by Mr Rosenberg, who spoke to the children about Judaism, supporting their RE learning. The children learnt lots of new facts about Judaism and were even able to try on some of the special clothing worn by Jewish men. Thank you Mr Rosenberg. 


Friday 16th September - Play Leader Training

Rowan Class had a wonderful day today, completing play leader training with two fantastic coaches from the Sports Partnership. The children learned lots of skills that they would require, to become safe, engaging play leaders. The children worked in groups to devise a series of games and then worked with their peers to collect equipment, refine the rules and set up the space. This afternoon the children trialled their games to the Year 1 children. They worked brilliantly and lots of fun was had by all. 

Playleader Training


Sports Day

Friday 1st July 2022

Today, the children took part in their first Sports Day event for 2 years. They displayed great determination to display the skills learnt during PE to the watching parents and carers. We had lots of smiles and everybody had great fun. Well done Rowan!

Sports Day


Wednesday 25th May 2022

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Today, Rowan celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with a range of fun and entertaining activities. First, all the children created timelines of Queen Elizabeth II life. Next they took great care in creating symmetrical drawings of one the Queen's portraits. Finally we ended celebrations with a well deserved year 5 picnic with a tasty cupcake and juice with friends!








    Wednesday 24th March 2022style="color: #0000ff;">Water Wheelsass wheels. Well done!





Wednesday 30th March 2022

Sponsored Bunny Hop

Rowan class completed their sponsored bunny hop. There were lots of cute little bunnies hopping along the daily mile track




Friday 18th March 2022

Trip to Hampton Court Palace 

On Friday, Year 5 visited Hampton Court Palace to support our learning on King Henry VIII and the Tudor period. Whilst within the Palace, we took part in a workshop where the children examined and discussed various historical sources and spent time exploring Henry VIII's Apartments and Kitchens. Finally, to end our busy day, the children had great fun in the formal gardens. 

We had a beautiful sunny day for the visit and all children were incredibly excited to have spent time in one of King Henry VIII's palaces!


Friday 11th March 2022

D & T Curriculum Enrichment Day

Today the whole school took part in the 'If you were an engineer what would you do?' competition.

The competition encouraged the children to look at the world around them and find engineered solutions to common problems. Before they created their own inventions they were lucky enough to have a live assembly with engineer Ben Edmonds. Ben works for Dyson and gave the children an insight in what life is like as a successful inventor and engineer! 

In the afternoon, the children carried out a spaghetti and marshmallow tower challenge!


Friday 4th March 2022

Rowan Class Assembly

This morning Rowan presented an absolutely amazing class assembly!! Those in the audience, Mrs Mudd, Miss Benn, and Mrs Turone were all very proud of the children. It has been a long time since we last had a class assembly in front of an audience, and the children did well to project their voices and show great confidence.

Well done Rowan Class!


Thursday 3rd March 2022

World Book Day

Wow what a fabulous and very busy day! The children took part in a range of activities, which involved the wonderfully talented author, Sarah Oliver. The children also got a chance to read, visit the school library and show off their amazing costumes to the Year 3's - who looked equally fabulous!




Wednesday 23rd February 2022

Holy Week

Rowan discussed the celebration of the Christian festival of Easter. They focused on the days of Holy Week and the importance of this Christian celebration. Here are some photos of the children sequencing the events of Holy Week.








Thursday 10th February 2022

Matisse Final Pieces

Rowan have created some amazing final pieces for their Matisse art project. They have used a variety of shapes and colours to create their own art work, in the styles of Henri Matisse. Wow!





Tuesday 8th February 2022

Internet Safety Day

Today, Rowan class participated in Internet Safety Day. We talked about ways to stay safe online and how we should be respectful to others. All their ideas were collated onto posters, as they wanted to "Play Their Part"  to create a better internet. Well done Rowan!



Wednesday 19th January 2022

Researching an artist- Henri Matisse

Rowan class have been given the opportunity to research the artist Henri Matisse. After they have collated all their research, they are free to present their information in a word document, slide show, poster or fact file. Here are some photos of the children collating their research and displaying some fabulous teamwork! I am looking forward to reviewing their work next week.




Wednesday 15th December 2021

Automata Animal models

In D&T today, Rowan class designed and created their moving animal models using a cam mechanism. Their chosen Antarctic animal either moved in a rotary or linear motion. Take a look at Rowan in action!







Tuesday 14th December 2021

Christmas Cards

Rowan class designed and made their Christmas cards today. Wow, what a brilliant effort! Here are a selection of our designs.





Tuesday 14th December 2021


The whole school were given the opportunity to make their own Christingle a symbolic object used in Advent and a tradition associated to the Christian celebration of Christmas.







Friday 19th November 2021

Anti Bullying Day - One Kind Word

15th-19th November was Anti-Bullying week and the theme was 'One Kind Word'.

Each day Rowan class focused on 'One Kind Word' - tolerance, inclusion, diversity and difference.

Throughout the week, the children took part in activities linked to 'One Kind Word', spent time talking about the meaning of each word, and how it is important to share our similarities and accept our differences.

To end our week, on Friday Rowan class made a pledge to put an end to bullying.

'Kindness fuels kindness'!