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Values & Ethos

Our Vision
Be the Best You Can


Tanners Wood JMI School provides an environment where all pupils succeed in their learning and personal development.

We strive for excellence, preparing our pupils to become independent and resilient learners who are confident and show respect for themselves and others. We work in partnership with families to nurture each child as they grow into responsible members of society.


  •  Having high expectations
  1.  Inspiring
  2.  Respectful
  3.  Stimulating
  4.  Responsible
  5.  Inclusive


  •  Have high expectations of pupil learning and achievement.
  1.  Deliver a curriculum that inspires an enthusiasm for learning.
  2.  Provide a safe, secure environment where children feel valued and are respected.
  3.  Provide a structured and stimulating environment where pupils can develop independence,  confidence, self-discipline and desire for learning.
  4.  Develop high standards of discipline, social awareness and consideration for others. Encourage all children to take responsibility for their actions and choices.
  5.  Through maintaining links with the local community, including stakeholders, encourage the full involvement of parents and pupils in the life of the school.